GIS, Planning & Other Experience

In addition to travel demand forecasting, Joe’s experience includes:
  • Mobility Study / User-based Multimodal Performance Measure Development, San Francisco, CA: developed user-based multimodal performance measures as mandated by Congestion Management Program legislation. Identified the concerns of users of all aspects of the transportation system, collected data relevant to these concerns, and analyzed this data using GIS and database software.
  • Travel Analysis Database Management (GIS), San Francisco, CA: maintained and expanded the San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s GIS, including creating new GIS coverages, and managing a “conflation” exercise.
  • Proposition B GIS Database Development: developed a GIS database to spatially locate all projects in the county funded by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s authorizing legislation, Proposition B. This highly detailed effort involved coordination with numerous public and private entities, and extensive geocoding of project locations.